Hey, isn’t that the guy from…!?!

Before Ricky Gervais did that hilarious turn as a simpering screen extra in his TV show (worth watching for the Patrick Stewart cameo alone), 34 year-old Jesse Heiman had already been an extra in AMERICAN PIE 2, VAN WILDER, SPIDER-MAN, OLD SCHOOL, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, and a number of high profile TV shows.

Who the f@*k is Jesse Heiman, you ask? Well…

Cover Image

Only the world’s greatest extra, that’s who!

You may also know him as the nerd who made out with the supermodel in the 2013 Go Daddy Superbowl commercial… At any rate, now you know who Jesse Heiman is. Or do you…?

Filmmakers Nick Weis and Emily Carroll, hailing from Louisville, KY, reached out to us recently to ask if we would profile their upcoming documentary on Jesse and his quest to go from World’s Greatest Extra to…well, to something more than just a serial extra. We think it’s a pretty fun idea for a film, so we wanted to throw our support behind this project and try to help Nick and Emily and Jesse get their film made. So go on and show some love to this most accomplished of screen extras and the indie filmmakers thrusting him in the spotlight for once.

Check out their teaser video below and support their Kickstarter campaign here.

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